Stolen GSX-R 750 K6 (2006)

Just had my '06 750 Gixer stolen from East Dulwich - 16.04.2014. Was a completely standard bike in black & maroon colour scheme. Whoever took it has cut through the chain to remove it from the anchor so I guess it’s been lifted into a van never to be seen again [in the UK anyway]. If you do happen to see a GSX-R with reg. plate LX06HWD please contact the police &/or contact me on 07989347566. Thanks

**** news fella, I’ll keep an eye out.
Might be worth posting on here in case anyone saw anything, lot of curtain twitchers on there.

Sorry to hear hammy - hope it’s found.

Can you give us any more details, like what chain was it etc?

Had an Oxford Monster chain & lock on the rear, plus Oxford disc lock on the front. No distinguishing marks o the bike - it was standard & in very good condition for an '06.

Sh1te news mate, sorry to hear that.

Cheers Sam. Yeah, pretty gutted. Had wanted one for ages & only got that one recently. Didn’t even get a chance to give it a good ride out

Sorry to hear that mate, its a terrible feeling seeing the empty space where your bike was parked, some eastern European cnuts knicked Thecunts Superduke a few months back from the city area, now i am so paranoid leaving a nice bike in London
Got an almax now and disc lock but I guess they could still have it away

Hope you get a decent enough payout and get back on the road soon