Stolen Green Street Triple


Sorry to hear this.

BTW, that second photo is great.

Sorry to hear this. Its a common thing for Triumph’s to have their steering lock bust and start it as theres no immobiliser of any kind. I hope it turns up

Not helping… but it is nice.

Hope you find it…!

Would highly recommend that you also post it here and here - will make it easier to share the info. Do you have a Tracker on it - seem to be quite a few recoveries recently either with a Tracker, or in the same container as another bike with a Tracker?

Hehe, thanks all, it is(was) very nice.

I didn’t have a tracker fitted, but I certainly will on the next bike! I can’t access Facebook at work, but will do that as soon as I get home. Have a listen to the video, it sounds even nicer than it looks :slight_smile:

I’m not holding out much hope for recovery, but will do what I can.

Coming to a jewelry heist near you soon!

Sorry you got it nicked mate. Maybe more security next time might have prevented them.

The police found it!

I can’t believe it. Apparently it has tank and barrel damage.

That’s good! Congrats!

Wow - that was amazingly quick - well done to the Police - they get a bad rep for not being interested in motorcycle crime, so good to hear a positive story.

If the damage is not too bad and you want to avoid putting it through insurance, try Rob the Mechanic (contact details in the Praise section). He’s on holiday at the mo - til next week - but he has a great reputation, is very good (is a qualified mechanic and vehicle repairer - most recently worked for 4th Dimension) and he only charges £30 per hour. If you can’t wait and are reasonably technical, you can also take it to the Oval Motorcycle Centre, there is little that Matt Liddy there can’t do. Best of luck.

You lucky bar steward. Lesson learnt the easy way for you unlike some of us who never saw our bike again. Now time to invest in some good security for her :wink:

At last a happy ending!

You were very lucky there - please make sure you lock it properly overnight in future - ideally chaining it to something with an Almax chain and padlock.

Steering locks as fitted by manufacturers are worth jack shhitt…they are broken as easily as a Twix bar and leaving your bike undefended like that you might as well leave the keys in and park it in the middle of Clapham Common…

sorry to wag the finger but it’s true.

Great news fella.

Good news!! :w00t:

Some good news for once !


Top news! Where was it found?

Great news

So here is what happened.

My Bike was used in a robbery and was then spotted being ridden by a policeman on a bicycle who gave chase! They realised they were being chased and dumped the bike, the helmets and the thing they stole. The police found and arrested one of the two people that was on the bike. I had to go and give a statement at the police station that can be used during the case. Also my bike is being analysed by forensics and will be given back to me in the next couple of days. I think it will have a minimum of about £800 worth of damage in ignition barrels and the tank and all the bits that need replacing. But it’ll be good to have it back. And they said possibly at some point I would get compensation if the person was eventually found guilty.

I will take it to one of the people mentioned above, thanks! The Oval place looks like a self service venue? Do they have someone there too? I am very nearby to it.

I’ll be buying an Almax chain too!

When you get your chain, make sure you call and mention LondonBikers. You should get a postage discount which is better than a lock upgrade… Unless you lose loads of keys

Wow - good story

Still don’t fully understand why the Street Trip is the villains transport of choice…