Stolen Goods

Hey guys,

woke up this morning got ready to go to work, go to unlock my seat and there’s no click, pull the seat open and low and behold the lath has been busted and my helmet and all my gloves and balaclava… missing! arai condor’s aren’t cheap and i have had a mare of a morning!

not asking for help just venting my frustrations, seems like you can’t have anything nice if you live in a crap area coz everyone robs on their own doorsteps! disgusted and more than anything i’m so annoyed that someone felt they had the right to take my personal belongings out of my bike.


Sorry to hear that - I’m sure that’s a royal pain in the butt (as well as costly).

Tough lesson learned - don’t leave your valuable gear locked under the seat at night…

Yeah that sucks, but why would you leave your helmet in the bike overnight anyway??

Not good mate :crazy:

Cat has her battery stolen out of her bike once, dont leave anything in them!!

you left your lid and your gear under the seat?


not suprised it wasnt there in the morning.


Leave a used rubber in there next time