Stolen - Gixer 600 K2 - LK03 KDN - Canary Wharf area

Taken sometime in the last 2 weeks from my mates ‘secure’ underground carpark in Canary wharf. :angry: He was away for xmas and realised when he went to ride to work on it this morning and it was gone :expressionless:

Pretty distinctive as the one side has Telefonica panels, and the other side is standard.

RHS & headlight fairing telfonica (headlight fairing has duct tape as it’s cracked both sides)
LHS & tailunit fairing standard blue/white
Remus carbon evo pipe

It was a Cat D write off originally hence the odd panels. If you see it around/spot it on ebay please let me know.

says a lot for the muppets at canary wharf dont it, fingers crossed someone spots it and the toerags get whats due to them !!

will keep eyes peeled.Could he claim off the car park owners etc? seing as it supposed to be 'secure’Wot is the deal with the car park, employees, etc? i ask because that would be my first line of enquiry seeing as they may have known it was gonna be there for 2 weeks and the owner not.

its quite common in that area i know of a few that have gone from there, will keep an eye out.

nope - private underground carpark wont have a liability insurance. by secure it would mean underground, gated/cctv but ultimately there is a degree of public access as its shared and they’re often easy to get into. your own insurance will normally not recognise it as being better than the street as a result (which is unfair altho can understand why they argue its not a proper garage)if its a work carpark there will be a statement regarding parking at owners risk.time frame wise if someone is keeping an eye on a carpark, its very easy to tell which bikes haven’t moved for a couple of days, let alone a couple of weeks.

Gutted for you - same happened to me a couple weeks ago. Will keep an eye out.