stolen from kings cross tonight tonight

Just heard about a very distraught mate , thieves have cut through his chain and nicked his beloved black CCM 404DS in Kings Cross. It went missing between 6.30 PM and 8.00ish,
He is walking the streets looking for it right now , it’s on off road tyres at the minute so anyone in the area please keep an eye open for scum pushing it home.


Sorry to hear about your mates bike mate, have you got a picture? Will keep an eye out, also was that 6:30pm and 8am? Could have been taken in a van…

Hope your mate gets some good news.

I’d have a look around any waste ground/common areas… and worth checking estates in the area for abandoned garages, they’re usually stored somewhere like that, which can’t be tied down to any individual, and they’ll hide it behind some big boxes or other crap…

i work nearby…

its prob same little gang of youngers that are nicking alot of KTM’s…it seem sthey like off road or SM style bikes…

will keep an eye out

it was 6 30 pm to 8 00pm , thanks for interest alls well that ends wellhave attached quote from another forum " the power of thought and positive energy

you lot must have sent out some good vibes last night Bigthumb

got a call at 5am seems that a very very nice bloke saw my bike with all the ignition hanging out and reported it

so my baby is back with me, a little bit battered but started up fine, hope the caning she took hasn’t done any damage and according to that very nice bloke avoided the certain fate of flogging to death and being torched on hampsted heath

i beleave in positive energy and this is a great forum Bigthumb

thanks guys "

great, always glad when one is recovered.


Theives should have hands cut off! Why change something that works…