STOLEN - Clapham Common

Mate’s black Diavel, reg LB13 KFY - this morning from the north side of Clapham Common. If anyone sees it please stick a lock on it/call police/+44 7903 246898.

Utter wankers.


That must’ve been done to order and for ‘export’ - they are so rare that there is nothing you can do with a stolen one in this country…even breaking for parts would be too risky

i thought someone stolen Clapham Common!!! :smiley:

sorry for your friend, strange bike to go amiss. hope he had a tracker.

Not far from me… will keep em peeled but probably in a lock up buy now - but you never know!

Some Becker’s stole my superduke, police said it probably went to Lithuania as they tracked a bike there pinched the same day by the Eastern European gang…sorry to your mate

not strange at all, anything can go missing, specially if you have **** or next to no security.

Almax and tracker = kept bike.

hope it comes back but I doubt it