Stolen CBR600RR - Hollen Street, Soho


I think this is actually my very first posting, so I guess I should introduce myself…

Many of my friends call me Gadget, amongst other things. I’ve put some stuff in the Bio section of my profile so I won’t bore you with any of it here, but I live, work and commute in London - although I do sometimes get out. :wink:

Anyway, I thought it might be worthwhile to mention that my bike (CBR600RR) was stolen recently from Hollen Street (off Wardour) in Soho. To be honest I haven’t been ‘watching’, so I don’t know how common thefts are in this area, but it happened during office hours, for what it’s worth.

Obviously I’ll never see it again, but I thought it might be worth warning/reminding other bikers that this stuff is, as always happening every day and right on our own doorsteps.

Interestingly, one of the insurance chappies that I spoke to, who also happened to be ex-police of 32 years, said not to bother going out and buying big locks and alarms, as it makes little difference in the end. Debatable, but kind of confirmed my own beliefs, to a degree.

Anyway… nice to ‘meet you all!’


Hey Gadget, welcome to LB! It’s a big shame your first post had to be about your bike being stolen, I’m sorry! It’s true though that bike theft is epidemic at the moment in London. The Police can do nothing about it and there’s only a couple of security devices that are actually effective (Tracker + Almax chain/Ground-anchor).

What will you be replacing the bike with?

Blimey! Nice slide! (on your avatar!)

Thanks. Good question about what to replace it with…

I’d read some recent some reviews about new KTMs (Superduke990 & Moto 950) and thought maybe it was time to go for something more street orientated, so I test rode them both at the weekend… [whistles]

They’re a lot of fun. Especially the Superduke, which is just snarling at the leash to be let go and I was really keen, but then my last stop of the day was Chiswick Honda to try a 2003 Blade and it just reminded what I love about Sportsbikes, especially with my soft spot for Hondas. So, I think that’s what I’ll be going for unless I see some ridiculous clearance deal on something else like a GSXR 750/1000 or maybe a ZX10 or something.

Hopefully, the insurance will come through in time for Spring. Fingers crossed!

Welcome to LB Gadget! Sorry to hear about your bike

Yep mate, welcome to the best bike forum. Real sorry to hear that your bike has been removed without your consent, it seems to be happening way too often at the moment. Hope you get paid out for it.

Sorry to hear about ure bike mate…Welcome to LB though

Welcome mate.

and that’s not Jay on that Kwaka. He only wishes it is.

The image below is one from a recent sighting…



Andrew, after the amount of time you spend watching my riding on the French trip I thought you would say that was me!.. lol

Good to have you on board, real s**t about the bike.

Daylight robbery?cant believe the nerve of these thieving scumbags. I see your bike when i’m passing thru Hollen St parked on pavement,black number plate removed??? Had my black K5 1000 nicked a few weeks ago so know how ya feeling.

I used to see your bike as well when I was out with a mate doing courior work( read as me skiving in my mates van!). Gotta say we always thought it was a bit vunerable there. Sorry for your loss man

Thanks for all the support and I never realised my bike was so well known. I started parking it there coz the scooters had already scratched it once or twice (when ‘lucky’ enough to get a space) and I even got a parking ticket once when parked on the end of a bike bay, even though both wheels were completely within the white lines. Go figure! Got it rescinded in the end but it’s not the point. Some of those parking attendants are only a uniform away from being thieves themselves.

P.S. Sorry to hear about your K5 going, as well. Was that near Soho as well?

Welcome, welcome not locking a bike is just plain silly it means all to chavs would have to do is lift it into a tesco trolley and away it goes…
Jay swears by Almax and after watching the video of an Oxford chain being cut in 22sec, I think your next bike will be needing one

Hey, it’s not just me that swears by them, there’s many other LB’ers who’ve seen the light and are now Almax’d up. Absolutely a must-have, unlike the latest tyres or L.E.D tracer lights.

Hi Gadget, sorry to hear about your bike getting nicked. This link may be of interest to you (and others). Its from one of the Visordown guys, chap called Zanx. He tests out locks and chains.



Interesting site that ZedZed. I’ll keep an eye on it, I want to see the results!

Hey Gadget… Really sorry to hear about the bike!!! There is far too much of this happening…

Welcome to the site though!

Morning Gadget and welcome to LB.
such a shame about your bike :frowning: