Stolen CBR600 F Sport

had my bike pinched last night, black/red CBR600 as per photo below.

Probably in a million bits already but if anyone hears or see’s anything would appreciate a heads up


Really sorry to hear about that Leon.

What kind of security did they break through?

Will be keeping a close eye out for that exhaust on ebay.

Another one! ****! Really sorry for you Leon

Where was it taken from?

Bastards :angry:

Gutting, and id Gut the fooker who took it too

sorry man, hope you get somthing sorted

Damn, what crap news! I’d have thought that bike would have been safe® than a new sports bike, was it parked out and about or at home?

very sad news, sorry to hear Leon, hope they get caught and sent down and you get your bike back…

sorry to read this :frowning:

was taken from the road where it is parked all the time (have no garage or drive) normally it is parked very close between two cars and chained to a post and disc locked. However when I got back Friday there wasn’t any room so had to go on the end of the bay (thus making picking it up and putting in a van much easier, they didn’t waste their opportunity (was disc locked and chained rear wheel but not too anything) been away for few days got back this morning to go out to goodwood and not there.

I would think so too alex, expect the new RR’s, GSXR’s, R6 and ninja’s to get more attention but clearly someone wanted it. The F-Sport is popular with stunt riders due to its throttle response and crash ability.

Rang the police but insurance company (MCE) not open until tuesday so can’t get the ball rolling yet.

It is totally gut wrenching, my first big bike and I properly loved the thing :angry:

Anyone know how quick the insurance companies approve a claim/pay out? I have the £ to go buy another bike but want to know for 100% that the money is coming first.

Horrible stuff. Dont jump just yet on buying new bike. You dont know exactly how much you may have to pay or get back.

MCE claim line i believe is 24/7, try 08712227910

Sorry to hear your bike got stolen. My last insurance company gave 3 weeks cooling period incase the bike gets found before paying out and in the meantime check all the documents are in order. Real shame about getting it stolen and know how you feel.

f##k really sorry to hear about that mate, i know how much that bike meant to you. keep us posted rgds kev.

that sucks mate…hope you get this sorted

Sorry to hear, thieving little f*ckers

That really sucks. I hope it turns up. :frowning:

When I had my bike stolen a few years ago, they said I had to wait a month until the process started in case the bike gets recovered. The bike was then recovered (burned out) a week or so later after which they made an offer pretty much immediately. Don’t except the first offer, they don’t expect you to.

I hope you won’t be bikeless for too long!

Nice looking CBR I can see why they wanted it. Bastards!!
Did it not have an alarm?? The neighbours must have seen heard something?

Gutted for you mate.


Sorry to hear about that, but glad you can get another.

I don’t mean to preach, but really do your best to find a (brick) garage nearby; the peace of mind it gives you is great and your insurance is helped because of it.
ATM, I walk 900m to get to my bike which is in a communal garage for which I pay a monthly fee. Once we own our bikes, we *still * pay to keep them, unfortunately.

Good luck with the incident and insurance. Who knows, it might be found in one piece! (fingers crossed)

Really sorry to hear about this.

I had my R6 stolen on 2nd April. I am also insured through MCE with RSA as the actual insurer. I reported the incident immediately. On Thursday the insurers called up and we agreed a valuation on the bike over the phone and they told me the cheque would be with me between 3rd - 6th May.

I’ve not had a claim before so had no idea how long it would take to go through. You’ll need to send them your V5, MOT, Keys, etc.

I’m not getting another sports bike until I can sort out some decent security e.g. Almax 4, alarm, etc. Mine wasn’t chained to anything either so I too learnt the hard way…!

Shit News…Thats the problem with parking bikes itn the street. To many people creeping around and night and its all to easy for them to have a go…contsWhen I had a bike stolen it took them around two weeks to settle it…I would never buy a decent bike to park in the street to be honest… The way of the world now is that you need a garage mate and a load of ground anchors,chains and a mother fooker dog

Does anyone know the reg of Leone bike, quickly