Stolen Buell anyone?


Not sure what model it was, never can with Buells but a black one has just been recovered by the police close to the start of Caledonian Road. Damage is minimal from what I can establish, just the clock area has been damaged in their attempt to hot wire it.

Good news for someone out there I guess!

They didn’t catch the person who took it though. It must have just been dumped in their pursuit as it wasn’t there when I walked past the area 10mins before!

I hate parking anywhere near Islington/London.

my buell just its been stolen the 19 of march its was black with orange injection cover on the frame there was two stylers ’ good vibrations"one side "wwcycles " the other one did you notice something similar .tnks for now and have a lovely wend

im sorry to hear about you bike man but this thread is over 3 years old =[