STOLEN!! - BMW R1150GSA Black - reg no LC05KHG - 15/08/13

This GSA was stolen today from bike bay at junction of Whitcomb St and Panton St, London W1,
opposite McDonalds between 3.10 and 3.40pm (see picture). Please help! Any info as to whereabouts welcome.

pics here:

those aren’t the images I uploaded - get it right site!

Glitch with the pics again, none of those pics are a BMW! Oops.

what the hell’s happening to the pictures on here? just re-uploaded - same weirdness???

basically the name of the pics has already been used so the site defaults to the first set of images uploaded with that name… you need to rename them to something that won’t have been already uploaded.

Sorry to hear about the theft and uploading image glitches is probably the last thing you want to deal with!

What he said.

Sorry to hear your bike was nicked :frowning:

Good grief - I give up - anyway it’s a very clean R1150GSA with Hepco Becker full crash bar set and rack on back.
and Touratech steering stop / HID spotlight and main lights and baglux tank cover - had my Yoda good luck charm
on front! (didn’t work then?!) - also had standard GS1150 screen not Adventure one.

I know the bike as i have seen it in the area, how come you didn’t park it in the free car park near by?

I will keep my eyes peeled mate, pretty worrying stuff!

OK I see - thanks!
Have uploaded under new names but when clicked gives error message!!
Anyway - here is the bike - the black GSA - took it on this trip in June …

Here a photo for the non-farcebookers

thanks rixxy
didn’t know about the car park - even more gut wrenching now I know that …
but thanks for the support and yeah - keep your eyes out.
Ride safe

Thanks nivag - you are a gent!

Sorry to hear about this :frowning:

Out of interest, was there any security devices fitted?

thanks nivaq - appreciated!

no alarm.

Okay no alarm… Any chains/disk locks/steering locks?