Stolen Bikes

Hi Guys Just thought i would Give you a heads up.

My First bike was a beautiful GSXR 600 P reg i was stolen from out side my house a year ago

In the same street in Tottenham My mates k7 gsxr 1000 was stolen the same time this year from inside his 2x padlocked and center locked garage in the middle of the night Please be aware of what you buy off ebay as these parts might be your stolen bike.

Also do yourself a favor and get a tracker Fitted ASAP Charly a user on here fitted my last one .

There is an alarm I have found which has a very good Pager System On it For 50 notes from ebay (not the cheap ones) this works well and i have fitted one to my bike

Trouble is I dont think is insurance approved but i think it is Great for the money any one want a demo Let me know when you are up at the Aces and i will try to get there

Note I am not selling anything I just dont want anyone to go through what me and my mate did with the rats out there