Stolen Bikes on Ebay

Got a call from the police telling me that my stolen R6 was sold on Ebay for two grand!!
They had an adress for the person who has it and they’ve been round there, but can only get his mum who tells them she doesn’t know where he is he just turns up from time to time - a likely tale!

I’m not sure how much of this is factual but, they said they’ve been there a couple of times and can’t get him so are leaving it till he gets pulled on the road somewhere!!

One thing for sure, if he didn’t know it was nicked before, he does now, so that,s receiving stolen goods, so there should be a warant out for him.

So if you see any bikes on ebay that look like a bargain - it may be because they’re nicked!

I bet he’d be at home on Christmas Day tucking into the turkey his mom’s prepared… Hopefully the coppers realise this and will give it one more look! Good luck getting your bike back, if you want it back now that it’s been ridden by others!

Good and bad news, eh Chris! Paivi sounds like she has it, I would get him on Christmas day!

“Paivi sounds like she has it…”

I may have the keys, but not the actual bike!

Picking up late on this, sorry to hear your R6 was stolen, and not sure how I would feel about the Police response. Surely they should be looking for the eBay seller as well as the buyer.

Guess this affects an insurance claim if the Police know where the bike is etc.

Oh well best of luck, hope you get it sorted.

PS Reminds me of a mate who had his Jeep stolen and kept getting speed camera fines sent to him with photos etc. He kept sending them to the Police saying, ‘‘Look there’s my Jeep, now go and get it back for me’’

Hey Chrisdee thats good new you might well get your r6 back for next year I would be on the plods case see if you can get and address

if it was sold on ebay can they get the peeps who sold it ???

ask for the address mate and i’ll help you get it back

the propper way

Hey Chris. Its defo good news. Im sure you’ll get it back, in one piece.

Three letters… HPI, definately worth doing on any second hand vehicle worth any amount of cash.

This time next year I’ll be a copper…

don’t make me stress on xmas day… I’ll feel bad that I can’t do everything 24/7

What I want to know is that if the Police know the guy is riding a stolen bike why don’t they actually wait for him or make a decent effort to find him rather than making the odd visit to his mums gaff?

You know the worst bit if you saw him riding your bike got him off it and had a go at him you would get arrested! World gone mad!

Feel sorry for you Chris

Well cheers everyone, it’s true I’m not sure I want it back now - though I wouldn’t mind a “word” with whoever’s got it.

The insurance are threatening to cough up, and I don’t like to think what these scummy toerags will have done to my bike, and the insurance co would probably just write it off anyway.

I honestly can’t see the police getting it sorted except by chance. They sure aint gonna sit outside someones house all day over a bike. The fact that it’s a PC ringing me up rather than a detective doesn’t inspire too much confidence.

Sorry 'bout the bike,

If the insurance write it off make sure you post about it, my mate has access to the website were they’re advertised to the dealers, it could be back with you as a second bike at a reasonable price.

Wanna know whats going on with your bike? Write to the police Station, give them enough info to find the report without giving them the officers name or any reference numbers. The police have to reply within 14 days, someone will have to look the report up reveiw it and write to you. It will be abit different from “we’ll wait til we catch it on the road” which seems a bit pony to me. What if your bike was stolen by two people and sold on ebay between themselves to give it some credibility, considering the buyer is givingn his mums address and mums not giving his this seems likely to me.

good luck getting it back

Guess that’s good & bad news about the bike…

How did he “buy it” without a V5 ??


Guess that’s good & bad news about the bike…

How did he “buy it” without a V5 ??


I have no idea, probably a forged one, and possibly wasn’t too bothered about that sort of thing, as it seems theres a sort of “undermarket” going on.
Maybe theres people out there that can answer this question better than me?

I know I got pulled plenty times on that bike!
Which mostly was (I was told) cos R6’s are the most stolen and people nick them to do robberies etc.

So…Ferk knows mate!!!