Not mine but a friend’s - stolen from outside my flat in Chiswick last night!
We parked the bikes at around 12.30am and when we came back at 3.30am, mine was still there but his had been nicked. It had an alarm, immobiliser and disk lock on but some complete ******s had obviously lifted it into a van Mine had just the alarm on but was parked between 2 cars so probably wasn’t as easily accessible.
We’ve reported it stolen and it’s a long shot but please keep your eyes open for the red & white Honda Fireblade reg T181 XNP pictured below.
Never thought the bikes wouldn’t be safe outside my flat but just goes to show that there are theiving ****ers everywhere so make sure you don’t get complacent with your security! My bike’s going into a garage this weekend just in case the scumbags come back again.



no picture

Jesus that was close for you just getting it an all! what ass holes really sorry about your friends loss, can’t see the picture yet?

Edited i take it back there’s the pic

Oops, forgot to add it in my rage!

Just read Jimmy Mecano’s post about his mate’s bike that was stolen last night as well. Obviously not a good night for Blades


Thought it was yours T

Still, no better that your mate has been victim of the SCUMMY [email protected]!!!

Will keep eye out, hope insurance resolves matter quickly and mate back on 2 wheels soon.



Hope they find your mate’s bike soon and in one bit!

Will keep my eyes peeled.

Know the feeling only too well

Oh no! Sorry to hear that T xx

good friend of mine is armed response for essex police, ive just given them the details, ya never know they might find it good luck mate

oh no! grr, theiving scum!

Cheers guys…it wasn’t even my bike but I think I took it worse than my friend did! Bless him, he’d just given me a lecture about locking my bike up properly a few hours before and I’d replied “but it’s Chiswick,I’m sure it’s safe here”. I think I jinxed it

And thanks Banditman - never know where it could turn up.

Bloody b*stards, rot in hell, shows that nothing is safe, put yours in the garage big time!! Busy season for the tea-leaves cos the suns out…

thieving scum looked like a really nice blade too.

Sorry to hear about that T…I’m heading up that way now, so will keep my eyes peeled. It has been my dream that if some fu3ker steals my bike, they manage to lowside it, come off and end up under a bus…but by some miracle, the bike regains itself and rolls gently to a stop in a soft grassy verge lol, I have sad dreams.


Bad luck! I even took a photo of this bike at BMM on Wednesday! I thought Chiswick was one of the more safe areas as well! Hope you hear something back…

Remember to imobilise your bikes physically, i.e. Almax chain to something SOLID, and cover it! Alarms are no good!

tell your mate to chin up and never give up hope of getting it back luv…

so…so…sorry to hear that another biker has been a victim of these filthy muther phukers

i’ll keep a look out for sure and if i see it…i’ll comendeer it asap…

be aware guys…its this time of year and there doing it in the early hours of the morning…

trust me…im no stranger to this…

not so smiled.

Sorry to hear…

Sorry to hear that T

I would so love to physically catch someone trying to steal my bike I can think of better uses for my almax chain then chaining up my bike if you get my drift

Hey T - I’m absolutely gutted for Andrew Maybe you’ll have to carry him pillion