Stolen Bike

this evening a bike stolen from Puntey L92VNH (96) GSXR 1100, Pink & Purple graphics on black, with Purple wheels … let me know if any one sees anything


Eyes peeled fella.

ill keep a look out aswell as im only a bit further down the A3. hope ya get it back mate!

Thanks people will post a pic up soon


hope she comes back fella, eyes peeled:)

man they are nicking anything nowadays, although it is a sweet example, surely so few of them around…unless its going to be a donor engine for a drag bike…

front end and wheels etc can easily sell for £600.
jmc swingarm £250.

ye getting the picture? lol

or just scrotes gonna be flying about on it and it will bite em in the arse, these bikes are powerful enough but not have the handling/stopping power of newer bikes.