stolen bike

I dont no whether this has been posted already,but the guy has posted this on southeast stunters asking for help,if we could all keep our eyes open for it he would appreciate it.

I will keep an eye open for it!

feel sorry for the poor bugger.

is it me or do i recall hearing about another couple of bikes being stolen recently and being asked to keep an eye for them, the one thing they all seem to have in common is their colour black

I feel sorry for him to but ffs if you leave a k5 stealth ANYWHERE in london with no chain?

I wouldnt even leave it on the street with a chain…

I bet insurance aint going to pay up…

poor guy

god dam thiefing scum bags!!

Chain, ground anchor, disk lock, bike cover, shotgun all needed but all it takes is one slip-up, you get home tired tell yourself you’ll lock her up later and your babies gone, I feel for the guy and hope I never make such an easy mistake.

I hear what your saying… Hes really paying for it now