Stolen Bike Thread / Tabs

How about either a sticky in the forums or a tab at the top where people can list their stolen bike details.

With so much going on now, and threads starting and then being moved down the page it might be a good way of keeping peoples eyes peeled.

The trouble is Lee, the bikes are stolen by professional gangs, they don’t get recovered or ever seen again in their original form. They’re either stripped to parts or sold with new identities abroad. It’s a hugely depressing fact and with everyone’s best intentions of looking out for another bike, they’re not going to be able to remember more than one stolen bike’s details for very long, and there’s seriously sod all chance of recognising it even if it is out on the roads still.

Bike theft is at epedemic levels and the Police are doing nothing to combat it. LB is at this moment trying to nuture a community effort to find a way to increase awareness of the problem and educate people to the absolute necessity to secure their bikes at home, and away.