ohhh kempo…absolutley amazing news mate…you must be chuffed too bits!! soo happy they found it bloody nice one pal…

i hope they nail that bastard to the wall…and if you get any info as too the court date…gis a pm will ya…

cheers mate…and well done!!!


cheers all,

the police have the bike in hackbridge but the funny thing is , the police didnt phone me to tell me that they had recovered my bike, they phoned about something else and that just popped up.

i spoke to the the compound and the guy told me that i should keep on top of it as i may get a hefty bill at the end of it all.

any of you guys had any experience with this.?

should i be charged?

im the victim here so why should i still be penalized. if the damage is bad and i claim i lose my No claims, if its not then i still have to fork out a bit and probably have to pay some sort of storage and get the bike delivered.

it sucks man!

not sure what the other bike was and im gonna phone again tomorrow to see how they actually caught the guys.

will keep ya up to date shane.

They have a duty to keep the peace. And if my bike gets nicked again, there wont be much peace…

Phone the station handling the case and give them the crime reference number. Ask to find out if the Police are going to cover storage charges.

In my experience, the Police will pay the fees when there is an investigation that means your bike must be kept for examination.

When my R1 was stolen and recovered a couple of years ago, the bike was kept at the pound for almost two weeks whilst the Police carried out an investigation / forensics (they caught the thief in that case too), but they paid the fees.

Good to see a positive outcome on this one (so far at least!).

I live round the corner from Hackbridge so if you need a fellow biker to pop round there and speak to them on your behalf (if you’re having trouble getting through on the phone) or to find out anything for you, I’d be happy to help - just PM me.

Just got info in that two men have been arrested in a white transit van with a Yamaha R1 in the back ( dont know where and how long ago, and dont know what year the bike was) The police have now linked a warehourse to them which they have just discovered containing 40 bikes.

If you do know anyone whose lost a bike, contact battersea police station.

P.S Info has been passed by a fellow LBer

I would suggest just waiting, they will contact everyone concerned if they discover a load of nicked bikes.

When I had my 07 600RR stolen I didn’t have to pay the compound to get the bike back. However the police said that it had no damage but one of the fairings had a big chunk of paint missing and my bike cover had gone missing. I had to suck up the costs for that. Glad you got it back though!

Hey All,

I had my 08 RR stolen about 2 month’s ago from Surrey Quays, should i call up battersea police? if so does anyone know which particular number i should call as google is coming up with Wandsworth police station results, don’t want to annoy police by calling incorrect numbers.

Thanks for the news btw gives me a little bit of hope that I can get my ride back, since insurance is NOT paying out :frowning:

I can’t comment on a civvy pound, but the general practice is as follows:

Depending on the reason for it being bought into the pound, in this case a B3 category if it was stolen and found in the MET area or used in crime in the same area, then the vehicle will not accumulate charges while SOCO are conducting an exam on it. Once they have finished, depending on whether it is to be retained or not (and therefore needs to be released by the Officer In Charge (OIC)) then storage charges of £10 per day will start 4 days after it has been released. They would usually send you a letter, so my advice is to call the pound everyday as Royal Mail isn’t reliable. Once they release it, you can attend the pound and check the vehicle to see if it can be ridden/driven out. Make sure you tell them you need to see it first so that you can work out whether you’d need to recover it by van or not. If they deny you access (which they shouldn’t because you need to make sure the vehicle is road worthy) then show your V5 (Logbook) and photo ID (photo licence or passport is the best) and go through the motions of collection. That way the record is closed and they can’t actively charge you for storage if you return no later than the next morning in a van to collect the vehicle.

Like I say though, this is a civvy pound, so things may be slightly different but as they’re contracted to the MET the process should be the same as the MET pounds.

Any problems PM me.

that is great news, WOW you must be over the moon:D

the other bike was an r1 it had a tracker fitted off ebay for £60 and as he was tracking it on his phone he led police to it ,they got 2 lads in a white transit and a warehouse with 40 bikes inside all stolen !

which 60 quid tracker off ebay?


£60 sounds like a bargain, and probably a better option for my 125 runaround :stuck_out_tongue:

What a result! Fingers crossed for Shane

wow, at these prices everyone should have one. no more excuses. in fact insurance companies should give them away as a value add. Who wants to start on them?

WIN. Excellent news. If they just lifted it into the back of a van maybe it won’t be damaged at all.

Not this is it? this Looks like a no brainer! THink ill try one

That’s an amazing haul.

Hopefully the identity of the bikes are still intact and they aren’t damaged so they can go back to their rightful owners.

Great news.

Not a expert on trackers correct me if im wrong but if the “professional thiefs” know the majority of owners have trackers wont they just remove them?