Cant beleive it!
police phoned today to say they got the van and have recovered my bike and another.
they said there wasnt any damage on the report but we will see.

they have arrested the guys and are keeping my bike for forensics.

i gave such a vague discription of the van so maybe the other bike had a tracker.

anyway, good news and i will see what damage it has.
well done to the police…see guys, sometimes it works out

i hope the guys get nicked and the key thrown away!!!

glad to hear theres no damage… lets just hope they havent snapped the steering lock!
let us know how it goes mate

Great result.

Fantastic news fella.

Now go buy yourself a tracker;)

score one for the good guys.
We can only hope they get banged up for a long time.

Brilliant news man!

Lets hope they get more then a slap on the wrist!!

Good news, makes you want to go get a tracker :slight_smile:

Excellent news :slight_smile:

Nice one! :w00t: And well done to plod!:cool: be in court so we can get the scums names and addresses;)

Fantastic news, Kempo, I’m very pleased to hear this. Be good to hear how they found the bikes.

If it was indeed a tracker that led to their discovery then all owners of “nickable” bikes on this site should take careful note, and possibly start negotiations for a LB group discount on tracker devices and the ongoing charges.

Or perhaps we should start up a tracker scheme of our own? There are plenty of IT- savvy people on this site.

Excellent news! Lets hope the CPS throw the book at them.

Nice one :wink:

Good result so far. Hope the CPS jail the little blinkers.

Great to have some good news! Good stuff. :smiley: Let’s hope Shane has an equally positive outcome.

Excellent! Kind of get the impression the met have bigger fish to fry than arresting bike thieves - so hearing that they got your bike back and made some arrests is really encouraging.

Hope the bike thieving turds get something custodial.

Congrats mate! Nice to hear they nicked the scumbags as well! Good result all round! :smiley:

Also, if they’re going to the trouble of forensics it more than likely means theyre going to try and throw the book at them, as it’s a very expensive process! :wink:

Top news, get that lottery ticket done tonight as well !

Good to hear it!

The other bike wasn’t a blue & white GSXR 1000 with a Yoshi can by any chance, was it?

Fantastic news.

Tracker (probably) saves the day again :slight_smile:

Cracking news hun!! :smiley:

Did they tell you where they’ve taken your bike?