It’s a sad day as some theiving pikey scumbag/s have decided to help themselves to my beastie.

Blue/white GSXR600 1999 model
V132 LJB
frame: JS1AD111400105672
Distinguishing features: Red exhaust can, carbon front mudguard, carbon hugger, stainless steel paddockstand bobbins, heated grips with control box mounted on left handlebar.
Taken from: Whitefields estate, Cheshunt, Herts. Overnight 3rd/4th January. Bike alarmed and immobilised, suspect proffessional job due to silence.

who to contact: the police first and foremost, then me. 07789 547586

sorry to hear that pal…****in thivin scumbags they want there ****in hands chopping off,i hope you get some good news on this

Sorry to hear that hunny. You might want to take off your full numberplate from this thread - you never know who is reading what on the internet.

I do hope you find her again!

LF x

really sorry to hear that matey!

Bad luck matey, the red can should be easy to spot, but I get the feeling even the idiots would know that…

Eyes are peeled!

Bad news mate, and cheshunt seems liks such a nice area.

ta all, well its been reported to the necessary’s and its insured… what can ya do eh???

havent seen another gsxr with a red can anywhere so hopefully that’ll be the easy to spot feature!

Damn, bad luck Trouty Nice new years gift eh… How’s the insurance side of it going? Hope you hear something back…

yup, happy new year!

well, insurance have been informed, forms in post etc. they estimate 6-8 weeks. which means 6-8 weeks of paying £60 a week train fares as opposed to £22 week in fuel.

unfortunately, the coffers are empty so i cant buy a bike with my own cash in the interim either.

i have no idea how this might affect my insurance on the next bike, i’ve never had a bike theft before. I spoke to my insurance and they said i’d lose 2 years NCB. Was considering a litre bike next, may have to rethink that idea!

Have you spoken to Bikers Legal Defence? They might be able to help you (if it’a part of your insurance).

0845 803 3388

I hope this helps

Gutted for you. Keep a stiff upper lip, some of the LB memebers have got their bikes back. Keep your eyes peeled and take a drive around your less “upmarket” areas.

Bad news mate lets hope the theiving scum come to a painfull end !

Sorry to hear about that mate


[email protected]£ers

If any help try calling these people

Helphire 0500 22 44 55

Helped a couple of mates out - Real good and quick - provide a hire bike whilst you sorting out insurance claim, no probs, no affect your ongoing claim

grimness… sorry dude…

Sorry to hear it mate, know how you feel after having my first SV nicked


my heart goes out to you brother…i have had my bike nicked once and an attemped(they were walking away with it)once…

both times this year…i really know what your going through…will writ down your reg and post it on the bike…best i can doo mate…


What a crap start to the New Year, sorry to hear this …nice bike too

Local to me too.

Eyes peeled

cheers all

suspect its long gone and stripped into parts by now.

i wonder if police forces actually look out for alphadotted stuff?? i’ve often wondered about wether it’s worth having or not, and the conclusion i’ve always come to is that if its already on the bike then thats fine, but i wouldn’t bother buying it…

sit back, relax, enjoy the train journeys into work, ponder the next bike and wait for the insurance!