Stolen Aprilia SXV 550 SE9 area

My bike was stolen off a mate’s driveway in Eltham SE9 last night - some time between about 8pm and midnight. It had a Xena disk lock on the front disk so they must have picked it up and walked away with it.

It is a very distinctive Aprilia SXV 550. Reg AE09 ACY.

Not a very common bike with unique sticker set on it (it also has Barkbusters handguards on it since this pic was taken):

Anyone hear anything or sees it please let me know.


So sorry to hear mate. Will keep an ear out and have a look when im out and about today.


Barstewards. I regular the area so will deco keep an eye out

Will keep and eye out mate. Sorry for your loss…

Mate that sucks big time :frowning:
Gutted for you and hope it was locals and is still in area

man we gotta set these pricks up at some stage, in some areas its not even a case of if but when.

nooo feck man i know how you feel =[ =[ best best best of luck getting her back

Crap news, sorry to hear it.

Good luck with the search.

Thanks all. No sign of it yet, if anyone hears of any of these bikes being offered for sale please let me know. Don’t think they’d be stupid enough to sell it on ebay/gumtree, etc but they might try and sell it in SE London to a garage or whatever. Cheers.

**** no!!! Craaap man! Sorry to hear this.
I will have my eyes open along my stompin’ grounds.

such a lovely bike :sick: makes me sick to read it
i really hope it turns up

btw, i think i see you most mornings on my way to work

ah ffs mate! sorry to hear this

Damn! :frowning:

Thanks for the support all, still nothing and no contact from Police. I’ll look out for you driesie when I’m back on the road again (something tells me I’ll be back on the train for a while :doze: ) - what are you riding these days?