stolen aprilia rs 125

Hi all,

Just joined this forum, though have been reading for quite a while now. Didnt think i would have to introduce myself this way. I bought a used red/white rs125 a week and a half ago. Was stolen from my gated area outside my house this morning/overnight.
no mods done.
take from maida vale/little venice

please keep an eye out for me


any pics of the bike and a reg so people can look out for it if it is being riden around? have you checked local estates to see if its been hiden there or is being riden there?

**** news man!!! Good luck finding it and buy an Almax chain and tracker!!!

more shitty news… hope you get it back…

A week and a half isnt long. Did you buy it off someone reputable? Both keys?

Reg. WX58 FJA
have both keys, and was locked up next to the gate. worse is im doing my direct access test in less than a month with nothing to ride around in.

That’s awful, hope you’ll get it back in time, or at least borrow/get a replacement.

Sorry to hear news.

Reg would have certainly been replaced by now, but pictures or, if an, special marks (stickers, scuffs etc.) would probably help getting it noticed.

Sorry to hear but yes reg would have been changed by now.

My friend went past my TT after it had been stolen, thought it was mine but the reg was different.
Turns out it was, then left round the corner behind some garages where she had seen it.

So wandered off subject, will keep a look out

Anyway welcome and good luck with the DAS.