Stolen Akrapovic Slip On Exhaust

Well, I suppose living in London having everything else I have either stolen/nicked/borrowed or damaged, nothing changes :smiley:

Came home and discovered that my titanium Akrapovic (right side) had been sheared off clean and stolen with all of the spring retainers.

The police looked at it, and think it’s done by someone who has access to our underground car park (i.e. local, or a friend of a neighbour),
stolen to order, or by another motorcycle rider. There is a crime number and active file, which the police have kept, if anyone notices
their motorcycle friends being offered or showing up with a coincidentally new Akrapovic slip-on. Mine had a carbon fibre ring collar. I suppose
that is neither here nor there, since the thief has now made it theirs :confused:

Well, I wished the police were wrong, although it was obvious the thief knew what he was doing; targetting just the exahust. He did not cause
other damage and had been sighted in previous times, lurking around, pulling the motorcycle covers off. On this occasion, it was a clean isolated
theft of just one Akrapovic exhaust - the left sided one they didn’t bother about.

They did leave my motorcycle intact. I suppose they’ll come back for that one next time…or at least try.

Scum. :frowning:

jeeez man not heard this one before!!

Sorry to hear this mate. Unfortuately you’ll probably never get it back… Even if you see your exhaust unless it was Smart Water’d, etc you won’t be able to prove that one was yours :(. Really sucks.

this happened to a friend of mine with twin Akrapovics

companys need to think of a way that slip ons are secured on bike properly

sorry to hear for your loss

Did they steal both sides of your friend’s Akrapovics?

My right side was stolen. A new right side one costs a lot more than 1/2 the price of a twin set.

If they are full size Acras they will be massive make two stubbies and buy a sticker ;)… I always cut down cans as they never sound how I want and I don’t like them massive.

Hearing this, makes me think I am really inconveniencing thieves :doze: