Stolen - '99 Blue R1

Hi Guys, thought I might as well make as many aware as poss…

Came back last night from work to find my house trashed and bike stolen - they found the keys. Think it happened at around 1900 hrs nr Parsons Green in Fulham.

Bike is fairly standard apart from a grey suede seat and silver harris hanger with silver Art can on it. Is datatagged with an Acumen alarm that emits three note arm / disarm trill.

If anybody sees or comes across it anywhere I’d be very grateful if they could let the police know. The f****rs clearly weren’t after bikes specifically cos they had to thieve a helmet as well to ride it away!

Cheers guys and Merry Christmas all!


:frowning: Keeping an eye out.

sorry to hear this!

What [email protected] mate,

That’s Toilet:doze:

Sorry to hear this mate, so close to xmas too.

Hope the rotters get whats coming to them:pinch:

damn lowlife scrotes, bummer for ya mate just before crimbo hope you can still enjoy yourself though

Sorry to hear your loss, have you got a recent picture of it ?

hi guys thanks for your kind words - can’t be helped, better get another one now I guess!

Had only had it a couple of weeks so no pics unfortunately, it may turn up but not really expecting to see it again as has prob been broken up by now. Bit of a shame as it had only done 8.5k and was a minter!

If anyone has a similar bike for sale I’d be interested, though will need to sort all the insurance out etc first.

Bad news mate.
If you never see it again, with a bit of luck the thief will kill themselves on it.


If I am leaving the bike at home I always take all the keys with me…

Update - Amazingly, the Police found my bike this weekend, it had apparently been parked about a mile from where I live, on the street, unused, since it was thieved. Am amazed it wasn’t nicked again as had been obviously unsecured the whole time. They reckon the scum that took it may have been locked up for something else fairly soon after doing my place over. Its had what looks to be minor stationary drop and that’s it bar a fair bit of rust on the chain etc, so am chuffed to bits to have it back!

So goes to show if anyboody is unfortunate enough to have a bike stolen, you may just see it back again with a lot of luck - and hopefully not trashed either. Think I can count myself extremely lucky on this one and thank God the Police decided to plate check it on a hunch as they walked past!

a happy ending :wink:


Glad to hear a happy ending for once !
Bit weird it being found parked in the street, sounds like what happened to a member here a while back if I remember correctly ?

crikey what a world we live in…result for sure…lets keep our fingers crossed for Afro

WOW! That is unbelievable! I am real pleased for you!:smiley:

That’s great news!

mate of mine had his bikenicked a while back in broad daylight they walked up the side of the house and wheeled it away luckily a passing neighbour saw this and told my mate, he comes out the house and the bike is no where to be seen he walks hundred yards up the road turns into a side road and see’s his bike parked in amongst all the cars, a little further up the road are a couple of kids on mobiles who clock my mate and run off (obviously the thieves on the phone to get a van to come collect the bike)

while checking the bike for damage my mate notices a guy parked up with a video camera when he approaches him the guy speeds off in his car.

i can only assume bike thieves are cruising round and when they see a bike they want they get there chav scum hoodies to go and get the bike move it round the corner then call in some more guys in vans who lift the bike.