Harley Davidson FatBoy 2003. Black. HX53 DXU. From outside my house in East Dulwich, London. A US model converted for UK roads. US frame number etc. Fitted with VandH Longshots. Its LOUD. Other distinguishing features include custom filter and cover, vintage chrome tank topper, and an Owl bell on the left hand underhang of the frame. It also had the pillion seat fitted when it was stolen. Please keep an eye out, and share where appropriate.


Sorry this has happened.

You can’t copy/paste an image into the browser though- you have to upload it.

Very sorry to hear about this MartinO. Was there a picture in your post?

Here you go, good luck with that

thank you

hey m8, me mate Fordy who is tattooist at fantasy tattoo nunhead had his Harley nicked too just before Christmas, seems like easy picking in that area at the moment.

sorry to hear

I was going to say that’s the second one that’s been stolen locally.
I live in ED too, have you had a look round some of the estates to see if it’s been left to see if it’s got a tracker fitted? If I can I’ll try and have a look round today.

Thanks guys. Im hoping to get it back but also realistic.

Social networking comes into its own at these times - the more people that see it the better.

I hope you do too mate but suspect either been stripped on in a container waiting to leave country with fordys bike too.