Stock Pot-Hole

a mahOOssive and deep one, hard to spot, especially when following cagers :frowning:
be carefule there:

I nearly went into that one on Friday evening! If I did, I’d probably still be falling…

I’m going to give the council a ring on Monday to get it sorted.

This pothole is back.

There’s another one, too, down Lordship Lane a bit. It’s a doozy - think of that “THIS IS SPARTAAAA!” scene in 300, and you’re on the right lines.

I went into it yesterday, when it emerged from under a truck in the dark in the tipping rain - all I had time do do was think “Oh, ****. Must. Keep. Front. Wheel. Straight!”. It was so deep, the front wheel actually went down , then slammed off the edge and bounced the back wheel over the hole.

By rights, I should’ve come off - heaven knows how I stayed upright. The shock was so severe it actually jolted both my mirrors out of whack - though the steering seems fine. Just so you know. :wink:

The markers are only approximate, so take care.

You can phone the council or TFL (this is a TFL road) anytime day or night 365 days a year. If it’s that dangerous you can also call the police, who should be concerned about dangerous road surfaces and can even shut the road - although in reality they’ll just log the call and tell TFL/local authority (I once shut the Old Kent Road flyover because of a big crack in the surface and because the council hadn’t sent someone despite reporting it 4 hours earlier… they soon sent someone out after it was shut…)

I used the form on TfL’s website just after I posted last night, so hopefully something will be done pretty sharpish.

Didn’t know about the police thing - if it’s still there tonight, I might do that. It was ridiculous. Genuinely dangerous.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

They must’ve gone mental about the flyover… good man! :w00t:

These are now fixed, by the way.

But be careful - they might end up reappearing.