Stinky leathers

After a Very hot trip over the Pyrenees and a few hot trackdays my leathers stink. Its the fabric on the inside.

I have tried febreeze, airing them on the washing line but still minging. Has any body got any top tips / advise how to sort them out!

There annoying me so much I might just replace them.

I washed my leather trousers in washing machine and now they nice and fresh like new :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I’m using this for trousers and boots after every ride:

think garret found the best way to wash them:D

I always wear a base layer under my leathers. That way you never sweat directly into them and they’re much easier to chuck in the washing machine!

For your problem, Wasp might be able to help you by taking out the stinky lining and replacing it for you. Send her a PM.

Also, Sneaky got his professionally cleaned, i think it was expensive but well done. :slight_smile:

I did the Fabreeze thing, then used the Lder-Fein on my MW one piece leathers.

Have a look at the washing instructions on their site before embarking on this. It really did work. There was less shrinkage than I expected…

There’s a guy on a Ducati site that sells it. I have his email address if you want more info…

SneakyMcC aka StinkyMcC:D

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yep me too :cool: forcefield, knox and oxford all do prettty good base layers that will keep you fairly kool still as well nd warm in winter :slight_smile:

CreakyMcC, StinkyMcC…popular aint I?:smiley:

Another for base layers here. I have some from Receka, Buffalo and some cheapo ones from Lidl.

I had mine cleaned at Scrubbers but they seem to not be trading at the moment.

I found these people on the web

One more : “You can now have your leathers and wax cotton clothing professionally cleaned and re-oiled or waxed. Please contact Nigel at High Peak Cleaning Services - 01298 815422.”

If you get the leathers dry cleaned by a specialist then they will probably be a lot better.