Sting for these bike thieves

Who would be up for catching these F**kers that are stealing our lovely pride and joy’s

I propose we all get to gether and buy a bike that we can use to catch these f**ckers.

Then conduct our own little sting please post Stupid or worth it :).

lol id be in cant aford to chip in but ill be there to hold them down untill the police arive *wink *wink arfter my bike got taken and i cought them and they droped them and run i stayed away all night for the first week waiting for them to come back even now about 2 or 3 weeks later i cant seep at night any small noice im checking my window lol

Dont blame you mate had my k6 gsxr1000 stolen caught them in the act at the time I wish I had a 9mm I would of finished them but then I would be done for I would rather inflict as much pain as possible without doing a life sentence anyone with information as to who is the doing this we be greeted nicely as for the thieves well thats another matter.

I don’t think you should be putting this kind of thing on a public forum dudes…

Where should we put it then ???

The Prime Minster David Cameron says you can defend your home and personal safety from burglars with a weapon though?

Smiled (user here) did start a thing of this nature (bikers against bike theft), who met in person to plan things.

not sure what (if anything) came of it