Still riding at 85 :-)

Took a ride out to North Wales and was greeted by this guy. When I asked what he used to ride, he replied “Still riding at 85!!” He rides a Norton and his first bike was a BSA during the second world war! Respect!!

That’s so awesome!

LOL you even took a picture of the old boy. Well looking at him I have a few questions I would like answers to.

1.He doesn’t look like he is in bike gear?

  1. Wheres his bike?

  2. Wheres his helmet?

  3. Just looks like an oldboy standing near a load of bikes?

  4. I reckon his mugged you off!!!

Fook me whats he want an OBE…When hs is still riding at 100 like my great grandad is i’ll give him some respect but my grandad is 87 and he still rides motocross so 85 and riding on the road is for wimps man…Next your be telling us he rides the wall of death :doze:


i think its wrong

Good On Him. I hope we all live that long :cool::cool:

hope he stay safe

With his walking stick and a zimmer frame!!!

My other grandad was 82 and he was still riding a BLADE. Poor sod caught alzheimer’s riding down to hastings on the Mayday run and ended up riding to scotland. Bless him man…God rest ya pops…The man. The legend

Well said Brian. There is hope for us all.:slight_smile:

There’s a fella that fishes where we take the kids fishing. He’s 106yrs old!:cool: I got to speak with him last weekend as had caught one as we walked back to the car. He was calling for assistance so I asked if he wanted his landing net? ‘Yes’ he replied. Do you want me to net it for you? ‘Yes’. ‘Would you take the hook out?’ he asked… Whilst I was happy to oblige, I did ask myself ‘just how much of the fishing is this old man actually doing?’ :smiley:

Please God I’m still doing the people I like to do at their ages!:w00t:

Me and my nephew are in the house tonight. (BIG SHOUT out to my nephew please LBers)

Ladies and Gents I introduce you to my nephew Little Bother. Say hello Little Bother…

Anyway back on the subject. Should old people be allowed to ride bike at a certain age?

I think Not only because my old pops of whom has a centary to his name (I mean his age not cricket score) is a bloody pain when he comes out riding with us. We have to stop every few miles to change his nappy.

while I usually invoke ‘pix or it didn’t happen’ quite happily…

who pushed your buttplug in too far?