Still loving you by Scorpions

My first ex introduced me to this song when he was dating me but still loved another woman…what can i say? it’s an awesome song :smiley:

whenever i hear this song i try to imagine myself still loving…and lusting after a bottle of beer :smiley: now my thoughts wonder to the bike i’m trying to sell, as much as i love my new bike, i gotta say i feel like a heartless btch for trying to sell my 125cc so quickly…me and this bike have been to fcking wales and southampton and back! i’ve got wild horses teeth marks on my indicator to prove it :smiley: i’ve got some good memories…especially that time in southampton, i’ve had a great time, sleeping under the sky and swimming in the cold ocean…oh well

saw this a few months ago and can’t listen to that song without thinking of that damn bird :smiley:

I’m wondering how this band have never been on my rader. Never heard of them until now. Really like them :slight_smile:

Scorpions are definitely an Awesome 80s rock band.

Although I’ve heard “Rhythm of Love” many time, this is the first time I’ve watched the video … a rather interesting one

Back in the 80’s I was a big Scorpions/UFO/Micheal Schenker fan. Still have tonnes of the vinyl. I always much prefered the slower bluesy HM over the high speed stuff that took over the genre that decade.

Ha ha - UFO and memories of schooldays :smiley:

My brother was a massive fan, having all the albums… I remember that at every party, Scorpions were a standard ‘get up and dance with your girl’ song…

At that time I was more into Iron Maiden… Scorpions were a bit soppy :stuck_out_tongue:

Tune!! :slight_smile:

I usually prefer slow bluesy HM bands when I want to relax after a hard days work or trying to learn a new programming language and need the fast stuff to get the job done. Dire Straits / Mark Knopfler, The Eagles, MLTR and Whitesnake come to mind, will be interesting to see some other band names.

just seen a pre-order for their new album Acoustica