Still alive

Yep motherfudgers thought I would just check in to see who’s still about and I’ll (try to) play nice this time. Any of the old school LB still here? Tugs, TDJ, Ang etc? Seen Scorch a few times as he’s sorted the 'busa and worked his magic, star that he is! Speaking of which, busa now gone after 13 years together and recently replaced with a bavarian temptress. Be good to meet again when BoJo allows. Oh and still in West London if anyone local.


Sure they are all still out there somewhere Vern. Have relocated to Suffolk, God’s county but always happy to meet any LBrs in Finchingfield as / when they are out to play :slight_smile:

Welcome back dude. What’s the new steed?

Hey big guy, looking forward to catch up at the ace sometimes soon. West London rules :wink:

Welcome back again Vern. Made any canaries sing?

Jay - thanks buddy. 1259gsa yep, I reached that time of my biking life!
Alba - be soooo good to catch up with like minded individuals again. Chilli cheese and chips anyone?
Kevin - I’m a good boy now :wink:

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1250…fat fingers!!!