Stiffer speeding penalties for leading rideouts

Oh dear someone tell Mr J

That was 2009 and subsequent attempts to convict for similar cases have been kicked into touch keep up that man

Oh well may have been wishful thinking😁

In Defence, we ride using the ‘corner man system’ therefore there is no need for any following riders to break the speed limit in order to catch up or remain in touch with the group.

Well, there’s never need for it, but all the judge claimed was that there was a want to catch up.

Its all about the ride leader speeding in the first instance, something our ride leaders don’t do. Note there is a more serious charge of ‘Motor racing on a public highway’ if it can be shown there was a trial of speed between the riders, that’s a little more serious than speeding.

With the corner man system following motorcyclists may want to catch up, however, in using the system the ride leader has demonstrated a level of responsibility by providing a Law abiding system for them to do so without the need to break the Law.

Yea, its easy to keep ahead of a bunch of London bikers without speeding. Yer all such pussies in roundabouts and theres always the last overtake before the doubles gambit.
We`ve not seen you lead a rideout Mr B.
Or is all this approbation down to posting honest views of your vast abdomen?

Can’t be bothered to find the old threads on other forms where the other riders in the group spill the beans, but IIRC this case relates to a knob who chose to challenge an on the spot fine on the grounds that he was an expert and therefore got the book thrown at him because if he was an expert he should know better than to lead others at excessive speed.

It’s from 2009!!! Clearly didn’t catch on.
I blame the first idiot who posted it on fb a few days ago.

My research into the facts of this case is set out in my post on this six-year-old londonbikers thread -

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