Stiff back wheel

Had the bike serviced this time last week, it needed new rear pads which were changed. I’ve notice this week, especially in the mornings, that as I’m wheeling the bike back it’s really stiff, but by the time I’ve got to work, it’s fine. Also it’s squeeling when I’m using the rear brake.

Any thoughts ?

Karen, you need to clean brake pads and apply copper grease on pads back to prevent squelling noise.

Is your back brake disk in good condition? Maybe require replacing.

Back wheel problem: it could be bearings or wheel nuts too tight.

The best option is to contact the people who done your service.

Check ya chain, is it tight when ya first wheel it out?
If so just loosen a little, chain will stretch a little when ya ride it so it why it might be ok when ya get to you destination.

As pavel said it the pads/disc doing the squeeling, clean it with brake cleaner.
if pads are rubbing thus making wheel tinght then ya might have to squeeze the pistons a little and rebleed, when they changed the pads they might have squeezed new pads in a small hol, if they dont it properly they would have made room for new pads and re bled.

If you paid good money to have it done then take it back to where it came from

tried to reply but taking ages…

Could b hydraulic lock in the rear master cylinder, try bleeding it.

if they took the rear wheel off / out then just check that they put the spacers in the right way round

I had a particular bunch of yeehaa cowboys over torque my back wheel nut…

well im afraid your calliper is slightly seized,when your pads are worn your pistons are exposed get dirty and a little corroded.when new pads are fitted the pistons go back into the calliper further and the ****e and corrosion make the pistons stick…just get a calliper set (new pistons and seals) fit them…good as new.if you leave this your prone to warp the disk as heat and friction while riding with binding brakes

Thanx for all your advise guys … here’s the latest …

The workshop I had it serviced with weren’t answering the phone on Friday … eeekkk it was now getting worse and I didn’t want to leave it as we’re away on the bikes from 18th August for 10 days

Good ole realiable Phil The Bike in Cheshunt sorted it out …

Yes, I knew the original pins in the caliper were corroded and drilled out. Phil said the replacement pins put in were ‘in a bit of a state’ … he stripped it, cleaned it and re-replaced the pins. Feeling lovely now and not a squeek to be heard.

I am now officially feeling like a human cash point … Roll on pay day !

Another tick for Mr Holmes

I hope you make your feelings known to the original shop, they should have warned you about the state of the pins

Anyway, where are you guys riding off to?

They did tell me the caliper pins had ceased to be fair and that they were replacing them … don’t know whether it’s worth the hassle to be honest Andy

We’re riding up to the Peak District (my original home) on Saturday until Thursday … can’t wait for the peace n quiet, beautiful scenery and riding out with my Dad

Fair comment

Thought I detected a bit of an accent there

We have some friends at Whatstandwell, just off the A6 nr Crich lovely area, Know it?

Some superb roads up that way eh? Spose you will be doing Matlock Bath Have a good one.

To add to the rest of the problems with my bloody bike, the stiffness in the back wheel has reappeared !

The rear pads were sorted and all cleaned up, so why would this problem come back … HEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP !

Check your chain for condition, tight spots and wheel alignment.Are you sure the brake caliper isn’t seized?

Is there any squeaking or grinding / rubbing sounds coming from your back end?.. not your’s i mean your bike;):stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, there is a grinding from the rear.

Try riding along slowly so you can hear the noise, then apply the brake very gently and see if the noise is still there. If the noise remains the same it is unlikely to be brakes.

2nd option, try removing the calliper and securing it somehow (tape, bungy etc) and push the bike along to see if you can still hear it.

Option 2 helped me find a problem which I thought was front brakes on my old bike, it turned out to be something completely different.


Are you able to take rear wheel out?

Need a paddock stand and spanners.

Check the chain, when on sprocket, are there any tight spots? Is it looking worn, are the sprocket teeth looking worn? How long since changed chain n sprockets?

Check the brake caliper, are pistons seizing, ie: do not return after being pushed out?

Check the spindle - is it lubed with grease? (just light covering)

Check the cush drive rubbers - the rubbery thing that holds the sprocket in place - is it damaged, not rubbery?

Check wheel bearings - are they lubed? Can blow grease out of these when cleaning with pressure washer

That’ll keep you busy for a while

By the way, I grew up in Peak District too - village called Eyam - was up there last weekend for the carnival.

I will be busy tomorrow :blink:

Thanks guys you’re all stars :smooooth:

I love the Peaks, I love riding the roads, my Dad took us through all the old routes, he’s kept a lot of the old maps from his Classic bike runs. He was part of Hyde and District MC.

Yeah the roads are cracking up there eh?Have you got a Paddock Stand?

Yep, H has one … I’ve posted a few pic of the Peaks in pictures and video … I wish I was there now :frowning: