sticky gearsbox/ can't find neutral

Sometimes when finishing a ride and it is really difficult to find neutral.
I will often see the lamp being illuminated for a split second as the gears shift past it, but settling in neutral can be difficult.

It can also be a problem shift from 1st to 2nd. It can take a lot of force to get into 2nd sometimes.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem might be?
Would an oil change make a difference? (sounds quite obvious TBH :wink: )
I ride a 54 reg Honda Varadero with a little over 16000 miles on the clock.


I tend to have the bike in neutral just before it stops rolling - no messing about when you stop. Maybe your clutch is dragging a bit?

What he said !

it is proberlly something really simple like your clutch needs re adjusting or 1 of 2 things to do with the oil.

1 it needs an oil change i use castrol semi syn as it is all you really need on most bikes.

or it has too much oil in it.

Most likely something as simple as the foot control pivot is all manky.

Pull the gear lever off, clean and lube the pivot and pop it back on again - only takes 10 mins and can make a world of difference.

Get your clutch adjusted mate , it is probably dragging and making it difficult to get out of gear at a standstill. You put too much pressure on it trying for neutral and when it finally moves you “follow through” (to coin a phrase) and get the gear on the other side of neutral. Been there. - almost sure that’ll be the issue. ( Can’t see it being muck around it unless you ride around fields:)

I had problems with my ZX9 and Jools’s ZX6 - both started to get claggy on gearchanges.

On mine I thought it was the dreaded C model gearbox gremlins, but cleaned up the pivot etc and was like a new gearbox again.

Surprising how manky those parts can get…

Thanks everyone for the informative replies.

What exactly does that involve?
Is it something that I could attempt myself as an inexperienced mechanic?

Strangely enough, it was fine this morning!