Sticky Forum

Could we have a separate forum for the stickies. I am certain I am not the only one that finds the seven or eight stickies clinging to the top of the General Chat Forum annoying. Perhaps we could name it the “Cling-on Forum”

That’s very funny.

Maybe you could use the recent topics facility instead, this will then show you the most recent posts made.


______Picture 2.png

Can we have a seperate forum for the stickies???

I’m with Lust on this one (yeah I know!) I just use the Recent Topic button - much easier…


that requires two extra mouse clicks!!!

How long does it actually take to scroll past 7 stickies?

Plus if they were all moved to a sticky section then they would not be in view in the relevant areas which kind of defeats the point somewhat

I use the recent topics drop down too

*moved into site issues

This issue will be resolved with the new forum, there’ll be better stickies and fewer of them. Coming soon…

wow… 2 mouse clicks? a whole 2 more mouse clicks? how can you possibly take on the extra work!!! :wink:

Just switched to that Shauna, much easier

You’re welcome hunny

you might get repetetive strain with all that wrist action…

Repetetive? Strain? Now, Now Matt!! lol