sticky clutch?

Hi I think that I might have a bit of a sticky clutch problem. I was riding home tonight and was having issues with acceleration it felt like the engine was restricted. I was going over a flyover and could only get up to 30 mph and then after a bit the restriction went and I accelerated away. The bike was fine for a while then it happened again pulling away from some lights - I just could not get enough acceleration and sort of pootled along until the bike snapped out of its torpor and was fine again.

I also find myself flicking the clutch out with my little finger after changing gear quite often which i am sure is not right.

Does this sound like a clutch issue or something else? How much do you think I should be paying to sort it and can anyone recommend a mechanic around Muswell hill or Hammersmith.

Was looking at Maitland Motorcycles in camden but I think they may have closed down

Any advice gratefully received thanks in advance


what bike ? and unlikely to be a sticky clutch as this woul dresult more in a lot of revs and no movement corresponding …

was it chilly ? as it could be the good old carb icing stages begining

it’s a suzuki gz marauder 125

and yeah it was cold and wet.

what are the “good old carb icing stages”?

ahh carb icing