Sticking throttle,

hi all,

well i have my fzr 600 running, but the throtle is very sticky, how do i over come a problem like this? adjustments or replacement…

have a look at it properly!! is the grip catching on the bar end?? is there a build up of gunk the otherside of the grip???

look at the simple options first before worrying about replacement!!

go and get some renthal (meduim) grips!! (same ones i stuck on gina’s bike!!)

thats wat i said to him!!

i think hes going to get them when hes out!!!xxx

sorted it, it was the way it was fitted, the cables where twisted round the forks nt through the middle so it was keeping them to tight when u pulled it hense keeping the throttle on,

all sorted now, once i get my forks back i will wire the throttle a different way… and i now need new grips and the others didnt come off soo i kinda took a knife to em

Knife to grips…violence never pays!

Except if you are a hitman!

works for me!