stickiest tyres, and best place to buy?

its time for some new tyres for my blade as there is a dunlop cheapo on the back and a bridgestone touring tyre on the front, both previous owner choice… i have no confidence in the rear what-so-ever and find myself not commiting to every corner like i should be… so whats the best tyres to go for?? i dont care how long they last as long as they are super sticky in both wet and dry!! :wink:

all advise extreemely welcome

forgot to ask about the best place to get them too…

Just got a set of Dunlop Qualifier 2’s put on. Haven’t really had a chance to take them out properly, but they are soooooooooo much better than the originals. Heat up time is very quick, and as for stickiness - you should see the amount of crap they pick up…

Best price I found was just over £200 fitted at FWR - good service too.

All the best

sound good … where’s that shop?

F.W.R. Ltd. Discount Tyres and Motorcycle Accessories
330 Kennington Road London SE11 4LD
Tel 0207 820 7818 Fax 0207 820 7819


LB has a review on them…


michelin pilot power 2ct…say no more…Essential Rubber in Downham rd N1 if your north of the river:)

I second them tyres

your sig pic says it all i think!

left bike on Road pilot 2cts and left bike on pilot power 2ct!:w00t:

in the wet tho all tyres are ****!!:smiley:

sticky sticky tyres!!! knee down everywhere!!!:smiley:

Its already been said 15 times before +1 :smiley:

well i agree that the 2ct’s are brill tyres…but just had the bt016 bridgestones and they feel much better and they have 5 compounds with extra sticky shoulders :cool:

as for where to go for tyres…cant beat essential rubber best prices and best service :slight_smile:

£205 fitted front and rear…bargain:D

5 compound!? 'kin ell…well i would ask you what they liek but you never got fast enought to get em warm and sticky:D:P maybe the back wheel;):w00t:

anyone tried the dunlop RR qualifiers?

Had Dunlop Qualifiers of some description on my R6 as OEM fitment, they were awful, especially the front which would slide if pushed hard, and gave a strange feeling of being flat on a few occasions (yes i had checked pressures).

Now running Michelin Power One 2CT(Road Spec). Nice feeling and feedback, but wont last long at all. Can deffo recommend them, but think i’ll be lucky to get 2000 miles on them as they feel like their made from Hubba Bubba.:w00t:
Have to say I’ve always preferred Michelins as i prefer the feel they give compared to any others i have tried. Though always found that their rears when well worn (but still legal) tend to slide a touch too easy, tho in a very predictable and easy to control way.

You do know you can do 1 handed or normal knee down in the wet with these tyres too :smiley:

Or so I’ve heard :hehe: