does anyone know where i can get a genuine akraprovic exhaust sticker?? i cant find em anywhere??..soft luggage scratched mine damn it!!

PM sent


thanx all, ive been keeping an eye on ebay but not sure if there genuine? soon see as im gonna order 1

From here:

I’ve got one from them before.

I have sold over 100 of them on ebay but I’m ashamed to say I sell them for £9.99 instead of the retail price of around £ 5.50.

Infact I should put myself in the name and shame section!


In fact

I have one on one of my new accounts!

If you visit the shop in West Hampstead you can have one for £ 4.00 (Genuine Akro guaranteed!)

cheers dude, but unfortunatley im in north yorkshire if we could sort somthin out by post that would be good

Pm Me your address and I’ll send it to you!