Stickers Orders Held Back By Snow

I’ve a pile of sticker orders in my bag ready to go once the snow goes, so stand by. (We’ve got 4 inches in Kent).

And any subsequent orders may not head out the door immediately due to work and family commitments but we aren’t going to run off with your money and they’ll be dispatched as soon as is possible.

It’s Lou I feel sorry for, :wink:

It’s snow joke…

Soft southern ***** !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Stickers finally able to be posted today y’all.

Next batch (orders from last fortnight or so) will be sorted towards end of the week.

talking about stikcers… we dont have any for cars do we? i.e to be stuck from the inside of a window glass?

also just in case you didnt know you can get free ‘think bike’ stickers here:

Only big vinyl ones which would go on the outside I’m afraid.