Stewboy knee down vid

Hey peps was out at the weekend and went for a blat …

just thought i would show my knee down clip along with two others

Enjoy …

------> the links below

I do like seeing a bit of stunting etc but sorry fella, all you’ve managed to achieve is make all those cage drivers you passed on one wheel think is that all bikers are dangerous idiots.

Head up to the Ace and do the stunting or find a piece of private land or quiet industrial estate and fill your boots, not on a busy public road like that.

Oh and having yourself being easy to identify on here and showing off illegal moves on a public road - you either don’t care or didn’t think of the poo you could land yourself in ?

1 I dont really care …

2 At the time of that piece of film was taken there was no cars anywhere it was just bad luck that the passed me at that time…

I see where your coming from but i really dont think they was to bothered as both drives stuck there thumb out of the window.

( yes before you say it they could have been bothered ) but they wasnt.

But hey we cant all be by the book all the time mate…

Now c’mon Trojan that could have been alot worse, in my opinion the Ace is far more dangerous than that, at least he didn’t wheelie overtaking cars or doing rolling burnouts past them as I’ve seen on vids of the Ace.

Cheers mate … As i said i did try to find a long quiet road as to make sure minimum disrubtion was made …

Sorry just realised I didn’t actually comment on the video as such, nice wheelies and kneedown, bike sounds tasty too

lol well i do try mate


trojan is a cop and just putting across the law/safety side of things dont take it personaly stew…
he may sound bossy but yours and others saftey is his primary concern.

Come on the next LB track day with us and melt them sliders!!

Yeah, ahem I kinda agree with Trojan tho, there is a better time and place for that. But if you SWEAR you were only doing it for the camera I’ll let you off with a frown

But the knee down? You could hear your ass-door snapping shut as you over did it and had to pick it up quickly. ahahaahhaaha

Since there are no vids of me doing the former (too scared to try) and the latter is so far back in the annuals of LB that it’ll never be seen again, fair play Stu. Just please try and think about what would happen if it went wrong, as it looks like it nearly did (finishing wheelies near white line with oncoming and quick standing up after kneedown) as we don’t want anyone getting hurt

But tell me, were you cross dressing (again) under those leathers? LoL

thanks guys … lol

lol my ass want shitting mate …i know it looks like im went over too far but it was cool …i nomally shoot out of corners like that …bit like a jack in the box lol

i saw he was a copper and i appriciate that …kinda guess in trojon too … as my brother is a copper too i did take it light harted…

and a track day sounds great i havent been on track since i raced they bwas only Rs125 and 250s though nothing big

dude if thats how you normally come out of corners…

Rs 250 = sweet track bike.

Track day!!! come on andrew whens next LB day i know were going to the ring but we could fit a day in befor right?

Oh there’s loads about mate, I’m doing Mallory then Cadwell Tues/Wed next week, for instance

Hopefully we’ll get another sorted, but we are all eager beavers at the mo Perhaps you’d like to ring around a few ?

I probably did sound a bit stroppy stew … not intended and if it came across that way then apologies.

Just don’t wanna see a horror vid of you (or any Biker) filming their exploits and getting squished by a car !!

Did I say they looked good … well they did but I’ll stand by my wrong time and place still though.

Good luck … and as I said come up to the ace and show the guys what you can do … without getting caught of course !

No worries Trojon …its cool … maybe i should be a bit more wiser… My bros Part of Met DPG and he said the same, ;o)

And lol yeah thats how i corner …in smoth then out fast …

The RS was a great trake bike … when it worked … but when it did …man it like a lightning … feels really light and nimble too.

anyway yes can put me down for the track day 100%

Aha, Doors Posts and Gates - you could ask him if the unload bay rooms at the DPG bases are still the most dangerous places in the Met ?

Ask him with a smile on your face and tell him it is meant in jest !

lol will do mate hes only doing it so he can then with hope go to Trojon. but ill let him know

lol told him and he said blame you lot as you train them …

i think hes ok though as we are both ex forces ;o) he said hi anyway