Stewboy down

well its been a while but some fooking nob took me out tonight.

Comming down lower road SE16 just hit depford where the mcdonalds is and i see a smart car start to turn to the right…

he pulls sharpley over to the right again …hmm ok nob

get round that nob then start to filter…then WHAP! …of i come

guy tunred right into me decided to pop in to mc Ds … i pickesd the bike up then pull into the mcd’s whilest sreaming my head of with foul words

he says sorry i didnt see you …ha ha how FUC*ING typical .

works out it was his mate that nearly took me off in the first place taking a wrong turn in the smart car.

****** offered me £200 quid for the damage… its at least £800 as the whole front is fooked!!!

anyway …im cool just the usel sores and will no doubt be in more pain in the morning lol

cheers mate im off to the plod sqaud tomorrow and i have all his details

just gutted as the bike was due to go in for a full james tosleand race rep this week

ha ha u dick now you have made me smile !!! cheers mate ;o)

ha ha cool im in the city all day thurdsy and friday so would be glad to mate

pm sent

Damn, man…

Sorry to hear this…I’m glad that you are in one piece, if your bike is a bit worse for the wear.

cheers fella bikes in a state whole nose if ****ed

Well, a fooked bike is always better than a fooked you.

Hopefully the insurance will be settled quickly and you’ll be back on two wheels soon.

Ahhh pi$$er…Hope you’re ok.

Remember you saying you were looking at a new bike. Hope this wasn’t it.

Glad to see your all right as it`s easier to fix the bike rather than trying to fix you.

Hope it gets sorted quickly.

Bad luck fella. At least you lived to tell the tale.

Not sure what’s happening at the moment by everyone seems to driving like complete winkers

Glad you are OK, hope all goes well with the insurance…

LOL Ann x

Glad you survived… And will ride again; did he leave the scene an go into Mcd’s before exchanging details?- that is an offence. Got any witnesses?..

Peoples, if you have camera phones, take pics of offenders face and car for ID, plus tax disc too, as well as crash scene, damage to bike / car etc… If you have video ability, record the post-crash chat too… All good ammo…

(joking --> ) And, of course, always carry your handy pocket-size Katana for lopping their heads off. First offence? Decapitation, mate… Just pop yer head down on the wing of yer car… That’s it, mate… <snick> Nice…


Sorry to hear that - a bloke once offered me £10 when he knocked my bike over in a parking bay!!! ******!!!

thanks all just gutted …

cheek £200 is not even one fVcking panel… nob

my arse is killing lol – no jokes

Sorry to hear about your off Stewboy but glad you’re ok. Give Rider Support Services a shout. They’re helping me with my claim.

Bummer sorry to hear it

ahhh nooooooo!

sorry about your bike hun, hope you get it fixed up soon