Stewardess, I think the propeller is broken!!

what happens when you record an airplanes propeller with a mob phone

lol that’s bizarre :stuck_out_tongue:

That iscwhat happen when you take a picture, video of an object traveling at speed parallel to you with a Digital Camera (in this case an iphone 4)
This is due to the software scanning the picture from on corner to an other and not all at once
And the faster the object is moving, the funnier it gets!
This is know as “The Shutter Effect”

Ahem, or even the “Rolling Shutter Effect” :wink:


you’ve made a visual geek very happy, that sort of weirdness is just fluke picture sex… yes, I know I’m the weirdo in the corner, but hey, this is v cool :slight_smile: I’m gonna nerd off to a room with some engines and tools now ok, Laters! :slight_smile: