steves birthday drinks....

Its my birthday this coming sunday,but tonights plans are canclled due to unforseen commitments…txt or pm me;).(edited by smiled)

Count me in mate :smiley:

that would explain why you tried calling me earlier?:stuck_out_tongue:

You know I would, but i’m working! :frowning:

Sorry Steve, I’m already booked to attend my cousins birthday that night at a local pub, staggering distant from my house, otherwise I’d have been up for it!

If my night doesn’t end up being up to much I may yet make an appearance, you never know! :wink:

Surly it cant be a year already since the last time I made a excuse not to come :smiley:

Might pop by for a couple :wink:

wish i could make this mate…

but my dads girlfreinds brother has this sister who knows this guys whos seeing this girl (who’s also having an affair with this bloke who has only one leg but can get around ok…but has trouble getting in and out of the car…but he’s getting another one as there really it is a bit high…) who’s husband is renting this place from this bloke who has this wife who needs help with some…some…thing…

so cant make it fella sorry bye…


Hey! I would so come, but i am already booked on that night. Can’t you do it next week?? xx:D

excuses excuses…

i wanted to know who was coming, not who wasnt!lol

terry moto, ill believe it when i see ya…

im guessing last minute something else will come up… you aint even got my number yet


and suzuki angel, im afraid i hang around and wait for no one :stuck_out_tongue:

so far ive got a few definates, and one or two maybes :slight_smile:

meeting here prob around 8ish tomorrow…


flip sake terry moto, you cant even post on lb let alone find this pub :w00t::w00t: