Steve Jordan Motorcycles

Had this through the post today from the Family run business we know and love here at LB

just thought ide share…

Dear Customer (that be me Smiled )

We would like to inform you of some important changes to our buisness which will be taking place over
the next few months.

It has become no longer cost effective for us to continue selling new Suzuki Motorcycles. Therefore we will no longer be trading as an official Suzuki
franchise from October 2012.

We will continue to operate from our motorcycle workshop located to the rear of the showroom building and we will be relocating the shop along with the service
and parts desk into the offices area at the rear of the workshop.
changes will be clearly signed, and the main entry to the shop will be at the rear of the building rather than the front.

With regards to Suzuki motorcycle servicing we will still be able to carry out scheduled services using genuine Suzuki parts without effecting your
warranty terms. we will also continue to service other makes and model of motorcycle.

Most importantly, there will be no changes with regards to the parts and workshop services that we will continue to offer you
and our focus is to be able to grow and improve upon the motorcycle service, MOT and performance center aspect of the business.

This will help us to become more freely available to cater for all makes and model of motorcycle for parts supply, servicing and diagnostics.

Our Dyno and suspension center will continue to operate without change.

These changes will also enable us to keep our labor rate at the currently reduced rate of £45.83 per hour plus VAT.

This is a big change for our business and one that we hope you will embrace, with our focus on being able to offer an even better service for our customer’s current and future needs.

Any questions please telephone :01372 453322 or email :[email protected] and they will be happy to help

Steve and Sarah.

hand on heart if anyone was to need their bike being tunes/ dyno’d/ suspension /servicing ect… these guys know their stuff. I used to take my K6 750 to him#
and even bought a K5 1000 from them too…100% great service and this won’t sway me in the slightest about handing my bike over for him to sort out.

in fact…just the courtesy to send me a letter to update me of the changes is absolutely bang on and i will make the 30+ mile journey on a day off work to get a dyno ect…

anyway…gotta be up for work at 5 am so i’m off…

Thanks for the letter Steve/Sarah…don’t get service like this much now days…(only other service like this is ADZ )…lol


oh bollox where is a good place to buy the new gsxr 1ooo 2012 from now?

Well don’t look at Lloyd Coopers in Watford either, they don’t have a Suzuki franchise either. It seems Suzuki are really struggling in the recession, certainly compared to Kawasaki and Honda who seem to have loads of new models out recently.

Geomoto I guess. Just don’t get any work done by the guys in Barnet.

yeah, they’re overpriced at Geomoto for pretty much anything.

The motorcycle centre around the corner from me used to be a Suzuki and Yamaha dealership, and is now solely a Yamaha dealership…

Its not price thats the problem, its fictional work I have the problem with. My chain and srockets weren’t even half worn when I went in there to get my rectifier changed under recall and they tried to flog me a new chain and sprocket set. Not only did they try and flog me the most expensive one they could order in which came to about £220 including VAT but they also tried to tell me how dangerous it was, etc. The proper sales man tactic. It just needed a little adjusting.

Guess what I’ve done 4000-5000 miles since not a problem and the teeth on the rear sprocket look better than mine even after 15 000 miles.

yeah that too, they try to rip off where they can. Been there once to enquire for alarm removal, never been there again

Thankyou Smiled…trying to get in touch with as many customers as possible over the next few weeks. :slight_smile:

was just down there to get my rear brake pedal fixed… very friendly and good service :slight_smile:

Great workshop and I think it’s more a problem with Suzuki not being as relevant in motorcycling as they used to be.

I read something recently from some top technicians that used to work in the Suzuki MotoGP squad during the Kenny Roberts Jr, John Hopkins and up to Capirossi era that showed some of the backward practices of the management throughout the company.

Did you know they had pioneered active electronic suspension in the late 80s with Kevin Schwantz, but they canned it because it wasn’t completely built by them in Japan :doze: