Step forward and say Hi

After three attempts at Licence I finally passed!!! Hoping to get to Borough Market to make some new friends… Ducati M600 - so if you see me please say Hi…

Hi Alfie - welcome to LB. Be ggod to see you at Borough, dont be shy

Hey Alfie, welcome to two wheels, and LB! See you at BMM! Feel free to post up snaps of your ride in the pics forum!

Hi Alfie, Welcome aboard chap!

Would be great if you could get down to the BMM this Wednesday as we have Jodie Mash joining us! (which should be fun!)

welcome alfie!!

How goes it Alf…

the sooner to Borough the better !!

welcome aboard pal.

Hi and welcome aboard.

Welcome to LB

Welcome to LB. Hope to see you at some meets.

Safe riding

hiya & welcome

hope your well


“What’s it all about Alfie?”

Ok bad joke

Welcome anyway

People!!! what a great welcome!! Thank you to all who have stepped forward and said Hi. Haven’t made Borough Market yet but if there are any ride-outs going drop me a line, please…!

Hi Alfie, welcome to LB!!

Congradualtions on passing Alfie and welcome to LB. I 'll be looking forward to seeing you at Borough Mkt.

Third times the charm, congrats and welcome!

jodie mash? ha ha

welcome to lb dude

welcome to lb wat colour is ur bike?

always had a soft spot 4 the ducati monster range