Stem Mount (sat nav mount) or other brand

Hey i would really like to get a good sat nav mount for my zx10r preferably a stem mount where it located near the steering damper, I did have it mounted up on my zx6r but now its really annoying me being in a tank bag.

I have seen stem mounts and they were great but the time i was ready to order the site stopped sending to UK :frowning: if anyone has a good source over here it would be much appreciated.

Bob’s yer man :slight_smile:

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I have just had a call from Bob and he can supply me with a mount for mine for about £29. All i need to do now is work out which Sat Nav system i am going to get:D He recommended the Zumo 550.

Any thoughts on that unit?

The Zumo 660 is a far better unit :slight_smile:

cheers for the headsup guys, im also looking at techmounts does anyone know where one can be bought in the UK ?
I have the zumo 550, great bit of kit, was top of the range when i bought it. back then the rrp was 530 without any headsets. the unit is great however you cannot switch off the speed trap warnings and that warns you constantly while your above the limit of that area which is great most the time but pretty annoying if you choose to mount it in the car although thats not what its designed for.
The refresh time is a lil slow for my liking eg if you take a wrong turn the calculating new route can take a bit of time which is annoying. Generally though i have had it for 2-3 years now and I think its brill!

you only go to the Ace…even you cant get lost on that route :D:D:D

Yeah the 660 was the other one i was looking at. Both look very good, i guess it just depends on which returns me a better saving cost wise.

Oh and Steve you’d be surprised where i take my bike, and not just the Ace or BM;)

Got 550 and 660 they are both good but the 660 has alot more updated things. It turns on alot quicker and is quicker with change of route instructions. Much better screen even giving the people who can’t stay in the right lane details and a picture telling you what lane to be in :D. The touch screen is easier and more responsive. Oh and it’s wicked for my music (takes the tiny cards not standard SD ones). :hehe:

But I still get lost :smiley:

…and the backup service from Garmin is first rate. The zumo 550 is probably very good value now.

So i take it both you and Mark would recommend the 660 then:P

There is a new one coming out very soon Zumo 665? I think :DThe 550 is still a great bit of kit if you can get it at a bargain price. :)If you do go for th 660 shop around I have seen as much as £200.00 difference in the cost. Should be able to get one for about £420.00 :slight_smile:

Cheers Mark.I won’t use it as much as some of you so i guess i will keep an eye out for a bargain 550:P

just did a quick google and you can get a 660 for about 375…


That is for a reconditioned unit I was talking about a new unit with cradle :slight_smile:

The 660 has the following advantages.

Much better mounting system

Looks better in the car and on the bike

Lane assist is great

Better safety camera alerts (the cameras show up as grey in 1st gear at 2000 rpm, in all other scenarios they are red)

Displays the speed limit for the zone you are in permanently so you can calculate in your head whether you are looking at straight points or a ban.

I’ve had a 550 for 2 years and I prefer the 660 in almost every aspect. I paid 440 on Tottenam Court Road.

If im not mistaken, Bobs website does not have an online checkout? Also, does Bob do the plates to hold Iphones,Ipods, Phones…etc on the same stem mount? as shown on here :

Give him a call, he has a lot of stuff that is not shown on his site. :slight_smile: