For the past couple of days Ive been feeling unsure with the steering tipping in to corners…

I first put this down to being a bit twichy after my last “off” as that was in damp conditions, now I have been out and on dry roads Ive noticed that the bikes steering seems to be very very loose meaning that going in to a corner it either feels like its going to tip in to much or its trying to “counter steer” against me and its giving the feeling Im going to lose the front wheel.

The slightest breeze is knocking my straight line ability out too !!.

I have the bikes set up “standard factory set” and havent changed anything to upset its original performance. Am I wrong in thinking that the settings have sort of worn in and automatically need adjusting ??..and so soon ??

After reading Jays suspension artical I would like to alter a few things but dont really have the knowledge as to what settings I really need so I could do with a lot of advice on this subject please.

Have you checked the head bearings? Whats the front tyre like? There are a few things that can cause the front to feel vague. Start with tyre pressures, its got colder again and they may need some air. It could be that they have worn and its causing the vagueness. It could be that the head race bearings need adjustment.

As for suspension set up. Best person to talk to on here is B. Get him to check it if both of you are at the Cubana.

Thanks mate…firstly…the bikes brand new…head bearings and im already lost…tyres are new but scrubbed enough to be ok on corners at normal road speed for now…but other than that chuffster Im at a loss as the bikes only just been run in and no where near pushed !!.

You may find that the head bearings need adjusting now they have bedded in. As its a new bike i suggest you take it and get it checked. It may just be that you were not feeling quite right today. As per PM. Check that the front end has been tightened up properly, but, if you are not happy with the feel and are adamant that its the bike, get it back to the dealer and get them to check it over.

Thank you.

Also check the front wheel bearings. If these fail it will give the symptoms you describe.

Now is the time when any faults in manufacture or assembly will appear. It is quite possible that you have a failed bearing because it had a fault or was not assembled correctly (eg without a spacer between the front wheel bearings).


Cheers Duncan…i,ll start with chuffsters basic advice and check the pressures again and then have a quick look to see if anything is loose…then I,ll just make a call to the dealer as Im not that experinced to get stuck in with the tools in a big way…all the best !!!

Don’t discard the tyre pressure! Sounds silly but it can make a difference! Check it from cold.

If nothing works for you still, place a Brazilian flag on the bike and it will gain skills! lol

you nutcase

Im going to get it sorted out right now Cez…I,ll do the basics, I have just got off the phone to the dealer and he said

“No Problem”

“If your not happy bring it in anytime this week and we will go over it”…

Pretty Good eh !

Tony Moore (Motorcycles and Moore)

Just like on your bike in that Vid Jay posted up of Brands hatch….

Touche !!!

Started a couple of days ago eh ? Wouldn’t that be the same sort of time that you ran into that pot hole on York way ?

If so I’d check that the impact hasn’t twisted the forks in the yokes.

Yes Pat…The problems started to get my attention a little before that but I dont know if its me being paranoid or what but I feel the more I try to push the bike since the more I notice it …I sorted tyre pressures (chuffster and Cez) today and looked to see if there is anything loose but then the heavens opened and I didnt want to try to evaluate in the wet as Im not the most confident wet weather rider anyway…I,ll give it a go when it dries out a bit, failing that I have spoke to the dealer and they are going to give it a once over for me this week…

If the bike is set at the std road settings it`s quite often too softly set up causing the front to dive too much under braking or even off throttle and this diving sharpens the steering angle making the bike turn more quickly. It might just be a case of dialling in some preload and compression damping. Worth a try.
Or it could be a list of other things causing this, does it fall equally in left and right hand bends and is ther any clunking or instability when braking.

RO51HOG What bike did you get mate, what happened to the R6 and thoses cool lights?

Hey B…

Ive been waiting for you to drop in on this thread …chuffster reminded me of you altering settings at Cubana…

Well now youve asked…it seems to be more or less even (just seems to want to violently tip right in further than Im aiming for) and yes …I noticed a real bad “judder” breaking harder than normal when I came in to work on it. I rode it in the car park and try to simulate it just to be sure and couldnt get it to happen again !! mind you , I doubt if I hit the same speed and had the same breaking distance.

I have altered tyre pressure as recommended and its marginally better 36/42 but there again they wernt that much off 32/40.

Ive still got it mate…this is the bike Im talking about …

Ok Barro, ive got an idea. If the forks were twisted it would probably fall more to one side, so i guess we could rule that out. A way of testing to see if the suspension is too saggy and soft at the front causing dropping into corners (which is what it sounds like to me) would be too Wind in the preload at the front at least 75% of the way in and increase the compression damping at the bottom of the forks about 3/4 of a turn out from the fully screwed in position. Stiffen up the rebound damping about half a turn as well. Then when theres a dry day give it a try, with caution of course. Get a feel for the bike again. If the falling into corners is greatly reduced then bingo!
However, your suspension is probably not quite right now in other areas but at least you`ll know where the problem lies.

These adjustments are rough but is a good way to rule out another possible cause.