Steering Dampers

Can anyone recommend a decent but affordable steering damper for the f-sport (CBR600FS2)?

I’ve had a few highish speed tank slappers and cruising around 80 the steering does feel a tad unstable.

I would dearly love one to help reduce the brown stains in my pants

Before you get a steering damper, sort out the suspension. A damper cures the problem but doesnt fix it. If the suspensions set up properly it shouldnt tank slap on the road.

I was just reading about suspention set up and what to do. But I would have to take it to a pro to get sorted out as I wouldn’t have the first clue. Was thinking of a cheapish damper for now and then when I have the money take it to some suspention sepcialist.

I had the same problem as you as i was tank slapping like a b*tch, how much did it cost me as i didnt wanna mess about with it myself…£25.

I strongly recommend you get the sussies sorted before you whack on a damper. After that you’ll find you wont need a damper. Ive got an ohlins streering damper one for my bike and its still sitting in my garage.

Sounds like something aint right Proj! Your bike should be stable as …a very stable thing at that speed.

You should be able to cruise at that sort of pace with ease…on standard suspension settings.

Worth checking out methinks!

£25 to have the suspensions sorted?

Definately look at the suspension before a damper, a damper will only mask a problem, and won’t fix the instabilities in all areas, i.e. traction when in a turn. Ring Setup Engineering in Wandsworth and see what they say (google for them), they’re local enough, and have a good reputation.

Failing that, Performance Bikes magazine used to publish their recommended settings for all major bikes, so it could be worth ringing them for a back-issue, they’ve helped me before.

Deffo sounds like a suspension problem. Not sure about the £25 charge but Steve Jordan over at Great Bookham is an expert at setting up suspension, he does a lot of the track bikes at weekends. Setup engineering in Wandsworth, speak to James, hes a guru on suspension. As for price, I got mine done for £35, far cheaper than a steering damper.

The steering damper will alleviate the problems but it will disguise a faulty set up. I had my 636 set up by Steve Jordan and it was miles better afterwards, gave far more confidence. Speed increased up to 30mph on some stretches of back road where the bike had been shakin its head. In the end i did fit a steering damper, only because of too many airborne moments with the front end!

definately get the bike sorted first Project… could be lots of things but could still cause a problem even after steering damper…wheel bearings,swingarm bearings,wheel alignment,mishapen tyres,wheel balance,steering head bearings,fork alignment,tyre wear, then the whole suspension thing…etc etc…

lol please don’t say that knowing my luck it probably be a number of those and it will cost me loads

Looks like I’m in for a trip to Setup Engineering in Wandsworth then. Thanks guys.

Yes I paid £25 at SBT, which was recommended by MCN Ninjas.

Where are SBT bassed and was the work any good?

They are in Sandy, Beds. 45 min ride away. Their service was excellent! They had 3 people working on my bike. My front forks were above the yokes and my rear shock was so badly setup that they needed to take it off and it was regreased before put back in. Took 45mins with 3 people working on it and only for £25. For that price you can expect about 15 minutes of tweeking so i really cant complain.

Will have to check them out too, would be a little easier to get to then Wandsworth from here. Will have to phone around and see what they offer lol. Thanks Sam