Steamed up glasses

I’ve used Bob Heath anti fog for years but they must have changed the formula as it doesn’t work anymore.

I’ve tried one from shift it…no good.

Any other speccies found something better ?

(not spit or fairy liquid)

leave my visor open a crack and open the eyebrow vents

Used to wear a pollution mask to resolve that issue with Arai helmets. Did not need one with the Shark.

Your subject heading got me to open the post but I don’t wear glasses.

Fogtech DX. I use the sachets and it works really well. When first applied it seems a bit smeary but settles down after a minute or two. Lasts all day.

In the old days you would rub half a potato on the glass
I did try it
It did stop the steaming up
But could not see through the potato slime

I thought you were gonna say you couldn’t see with the potato stuck over the lens :stuck_out_tongue:

They do a bottle too. Works

Pink Stick thing I bought some 10 years ago. Wax type anti steam thingy from Hawaii.  Still works and as I generally wear contacts, hardly used.  Glasses today and they were only just misting up about 2 minutes from my workplace, after a 45 minute ride. 

Thanks for the replies.

Think I’ll give the Fogtech a go.