Steam / Online PC gaming IDs

A sticky for steam IDs

Steam & AlterIWnet = lan_ceiro

I was chatting with Herr Schmidt and I wondered if a Steam Group was a good idea?

Join up :slight_smile:

If an admin wants to take control from me, no problems, just join and I assume I can pass authority over?

joined. djtemeka :smiley:

Pawn to Queen three.:slight_smile:

join the group i posted a couple up :slight_smile:

I joined the LB Steam group

My Steam name is:


Me too, name’s burukuru.

:Ddo I smell a COD evening !??!!??

tbh I havn’t played onlind in 8 years! total newb:P

don’t have COD.
wouldn’t mind a DoD: Source evening or so, kinda miss me MG42 or StG44 a bit ^^

Add: Premises187

I like TeamFortress2 and Left4Dead2.

I have no friend on there! :crying:

Talking of Xbox games, Dead Island looks AMAZING. My bastard ex took the Xbox Elite so I’ve got to buy a new one but I might have to for that game… And I miss Trials HD!

XBox games, in a Steam/PC thread? :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw someone mention COD? You can’t play COD on the PC!!!

My bad :smiley:

which planet are you from?

Only game I like playing online is Warhammer. Everything else has to be on the Xbox.

n00b :stuck_out_tongue:

I have TF2 but never play it… After playing COD so much, shooting people for more than 2 seconds is very tedious :stuck_out_tongue:
Especially when I mostly play Hardcore… 1 shot 1 kill.

OMFG console player. :stuck_out_tongue:

is the xfire one still going?

im geting sick of cod on pc to meany winy raging kiddys playing but meh has steam i think its ToySoldier94 and my xfire is ttoysoldier if anyone hear uses it